Specialist in fly fishing, hunting, outdoor and adventure photography for editorial and commercial purpose.


Video maker, cameraman and story teller. From advertising videos to feature films, a different vision telling stories.


Fly fishing, photography, travel, adventure and technical outdoor sports articulist. We love sharing our passions and knowledge!

Whatever it is, there is something that I have always admired, something that leads you to do all sorts of crazy things, to change your priorities and your vision of the world. Even sometimes, it changes the world: Passion, something as simple as that. No matter the field: fly fishing, hunting, hiking, surfing, exploring… or just with a camera in your hands, even a person, a place or whatever that happens to you -there are no rules about that- passion sculpts people, makes them more interesting, endows them with an aura, a dream to pursue and the strength to never give up. Without it, for me, there is no life.

Tons of passion in this website.