Álvaro G. Santillán is an accomplished fly fisher, photographer, film maker, and author.

Álvaro was born in the north of Spain where he fish since his early childhood. Specialized in trout sight fishing and Atlantic salmon, Álvaro travels searching for the best fly fishing spots in each season of the year. Álvaro has fished and explored 20 countries and the count still going on.

Álvaro has always been an authentic nature and outdoor lover and this love for the natural world took him to study Biological Science Degree and dedicate his life to mother nature.

Alvaro was member of the Spanish high competition youth team, with a great number of honor positions in nationals and state championships.

Fly casting lover, Álvaro obtained the Master of Fly Casting title of PAIL program by the National Casting Commission at the age of 15.

Álvaro is always with a rod and a camera in his hands, waiting to capture on the essence of fly fishing and transmite his feelings. Inspired by rivers, mountains, wildlife, travel and outdoor sports subjets; Álvaro wants to capture the essence of fly fishing, connecting people with it and encourage the viewer for consider his relationship with the Nature.

Founder of Lineas Vivas in 2005, he writes for Spanish and international magazines where you can find his pictures and his particular feelings and knowledge about fly fishing.